Single wavelength EDFA Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier Pre-Amplifier

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Single wavelength EDFA Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier  Pre-Amplifier

The EDFA Module is an optical fiber amplifier product family dedicated to optical fiber communication systems.
With high gain and low noise advantages.
Support PC software control, small and easy to integrate, but also according to customer needs to provide desktop or rack-mounted package.

Mainly divided into the following two types
1. Preamplifier: Pre-Amplifier, referred to as PA, that is, preamplifier, for -40 ~ -25 dBm range of small optical signal amplification, the typical gain is 35 dB;
2. Booster amplifier: Booster-Amplifier, referred to as BA, for -6 ~ 3 dBm within the optical signal amplification, the maximum output power can reach 27 dBm;
Note: This is Pre-Amplifier, if  you need Booster-Amplifier, please click this link:  Booster-Amplifier

1. Miniaturization module design
2. Wide operating wavelength range
3. High gain, gain flat
4. Good temperature adaptability

1. Optical fiber communication
2. Fiber optic sensing
3. Fiber lasers

EDFA-PA type:(choose)
EDFA-PA-35: EDFA, Pre—Amplifier, Gain 35dB.
EDFA-PA-45: EDFA, Pre—Amplifier, Gain 45dB.


Parameter Unit Min Value Typical value Max value Remarks
Wavelength range nm 1530 1550 1565 C-band
Input power range dBm -6   3  
Output Power dBm 10   27  
Gain flatness dB   3    
Polarization dependent gain dB     0.5  
Polarization mode dispersion ps     0.5  
Input / output isolation dB 40      
Noise figure dB   4.5 5.5 @0dBm,1550nm
Operating temperature range °C -20   +65  
Operating humidity range     70  
Pigtail connector type   FC/APC

Accept custom


Input and output pigtail type   Single mode fiber SMF-28e  
Power supply V DC 3.3 V or DC 5V power adapter
Size and electrical interface mm 150 × 125 × 20 (electrical interface DB25);
90 × 70 × 15 (electrical interface 30PIN)
Operating mode   ACC: pump current constant; APC: output power is constant  

Model#01 Standard typeO

Model#02 LCD Professional type




Single wavelength EDFA Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier  Pre—Amplifier

Single wavelength EDFA Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier  Pre—Amplifier


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