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Lightweight compact design 355nm passively Q-switched UV laser 0.1~90µJ/1-800mW

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Lightweight compact design 355nm  passively Q-switched UV laser 0.1~90µJ/1-800mW

1.Single pulse energy up to 60µJ
2.TEC cooling system
3.Lightweight, compact design
4.Superior beam quality
5.Controllable or Uncontrollable choosed
6.Best reliability and lifetime

1.UV curving
3.CD carving
4.Laser medical treatment
5.Scientific experiment

1. This is a custom laser.
2. $100 is the deposit, not the final price of this laser.
3. Please contact us and tell us your all parameter reqirements,then we can offer you a quotation based on your needs.


Product Name 355nm ultraviolet passively Q-switched pulse laser
Model MPL-N-355
Central wavelength (nm) 355±1
Output average power (mW) 1~150 150~800
Transverse mode Near TEM00
Operating mode Frequency conversion of Q-switched pulsed laser
Single pulse energy (µJ) 0.1~15 90
Pulse duration (ns) ~1.3 ~7
Peak power (W) 80-11500 13000
Rep. rate (kHz) Controllable Fixed rep. rate, such as 3k, 4k, 5kHz, with stable laser pulses emitting (stable pulse energy, peak, duration and period).
Different rep. rate in the range of 3kHz-5kHz can be obtained by input an external TTL signal.
Uncontrollable Undefined rep. rate among 10k-15kHz and unstable laser pulse emitting. Suitable for the applications only needing high peak power pulses.
Average power (mW) Average power (mW) = Single pulse energy (µJ) * Rep. rate (kHz)
Ave power stability (over 4 hours) <5%,<10%
Warm-up time (minutes) <10
Beam height from base plate (mm) 70
Operating temperature (℃) 10~35
Power supply(90-264VAC) PSU-N-LED/ PSU-N-FDA(Choose)
Expected lifetime (hours) 5000
Warranty period 1 year
Remarks Please Note: because of the Walk-off effect of Nonlinear crystals, the beam quality of UV laser is not so good as that of 1064/532nm laser.
Lightweight compact design 355 nm  passively Q-switched UV laser 0.1~90µJ/1-800mW

Lightweight compact design 355 nm  passively Q-switched UV laser 0.1~90µJ/1-800mW