980nm 500mW Infrared Semiconductor Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser

Price: $1,750.00


980nm 500mW Infrared Semiconductor Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser

This product is for single  mode fiber coupling of semiconductor laser,the stability of the output power of the fiber is good and the spot mode is TEM00 mode.The beam quality is very good, which can meet the requirement of high beam quality.
Our company produces single wavelength, polarization maintaining and multimode fiber coupled lasers at various wavelengths, as well as fiber optic coupled lasers with fiber coupled lasers.Please contact us.

This is a custom product,.If you need other output powe or have special requirements, please contact us.

1.High power stability(<3%)
2.Singal mode fiber coupled,fiber output.

Output Power:1-500mW
Operating Temperature: 0°C-40°C
Storage Temperature:  -40°C-85°C

Parameter Work condition Symbol Min Type Max Unit
Output Power @PO PO     500 mW
Power Stability 2hrs Ps     3 %
Central Wavelength @PO λc   980   nm
Spectral linewidth @PO FWHM   2   nm
Fiber Type SM Fiber
Fiber Length       100   cm
Fiber interface     FC/APC  
Warming Time @PO Tw     5 min
Noise RMS(10Hz-100MHz) N   1   %
Service Life @PO MTBF 10000     Hrs


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