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Stable Wavelength Easy operating 660nm Narrow Linewidth Diode Laser 1~30mW

Price: $115.00


Stable Wavelength Easy operating 660nm Narrow Linewidth Ddioe Laser 1~30mW

1.Narrow spectral linewidth
2.Stable wavelength
3.Long lifetime    
4.Easy operating 

1.Precision measurement
2.High resolution spectrum analysis

1. This is a custom laser.
2. $100 is the deposit, not the final price of this laser.
3. Please contact us and tell us your all parameter reqirements,then we can offer you a quotation based on your needs.


Product Name 660nm Narrow Linewidth Diode Lasers
Model MDL-E-660
Wavelength (nm) 660±5
Output power (mW) >1, 2, 3, …,30
Transverse mode Near TEM00
Operating mode CW
Power stability (rms, over 4 hours) <1%, <3%, <5%
Spectral linewidth (nm) <0.06, <0.03(extra heatsink)
M 2 factor <1.5
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad) <1.0
Beam diameter at the aperture (1/e2 , mm) ~3.0
Beam height from base plate (mm) 30
Polarization ratio >50:1 (>100:1, optional) Horizontal±5 degree (Vertical Optional)
Warm-up time (minutes) <15
Operating temperature (¡æ) 20~30
Power supply (85-264VAC) PSU-III-FDA
Expected lifetime (hours) 10000
Warranty period 1 year

This 660nm diode laser, we can provide other models of customization, the following is a list of specific diode models.


Laser Type Model Output Power(mW)
Narrow Linewidth Red Laser at 660nm MDL-E-660 1~30
Low Noise Red Laser at 660nm MLL-III-660L 1~180
MLL-III-660D 1~1000
TEM00 Mode Red Laser at 660nm TEM-F-660 1~50
High Stability Red Laser at 660nm MDL-XS-660 1~80
MRL-III-660L 1~180
MRL-III-660R 1~200
MRL-I-660 1~1000
MRL-III-660 1~1000
MRL-III-FS-660 1~1300
MDL-MD-660 1300~2300
MDL-HD-660 2300~4000
MDL-XD-660 4000~5000
Red OEM Laser Module at 660nm OEM-MD-660 1~2300
OEM-HD-660 2300~4000
OEM-XD-660 4000~5000
Red Laser Pointer & Portable Laser at 660nm GLP-660 0.6~5
PGL-III-660 5~500
Fiber Coupled Laser System at 660nm MRL-660(FC) 1~2000
FC-660 1~2000
660nm Narrow Linewidth Diode Laser 1~30mW

660nm Narrow Linewidth Diode Laser 1~30mW

660nm Narrow Linewidth Diode Laser 1~30mW