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High stability Long Lifetime 845nm Infrared Portable Laser 1~50mW

Price: $115.00


High stability Long Lifetime 845nm Infrared Portable Laser 1~50mW

1.Lightweight, compact design
2.Controlled by PC
3.Lens optional
4.High stability, long lifetime
5.Low noise
1.Machine Vision
2.Laser medical treatment
3.Scientific experiment
4.Optical instrument
5.Confocal Microscopy
6.Laser Display

1. This is a custom laser.
2. $100 is the deposit, not the final price of this laser.
3. Please contact us and tell us your all parameter reqirements,then we can offer you a quotation based on your needs.


Product Name 845nm Infrared Laser
Model PGL-F-845
Wavelength (nm) 845±10
Output power (mW) 50
Operating mode CW/ PC control
Fan angle 10°,15°,30°,45°,50°,60°,75°,90°
Power stability(8hrs, ±0.5℃) <1% ,3% ,5%
Noise of amplitude (rms, 20Hz~20MHz) <0.5%,1%
Modulation frequency(kHz) 0.1-50
Pointing stability after warm-up (mrad/℃) <0.05
Warm-up time (minutes) <5
Operating temperature (℃) 10~35
Power supply USB 5V±0.5V 1A
Expected lifetime (hours) 5000
Warranty period 6 months

This is 845nm laser, we can provide other models of customization, the following is a list of specific models.


Laser Type Model Output Power(mW)
Low Noise Infrared Laser at 845nm MLL-III-845L 1~30
High Stability Infrared Laser at 845nm MDL-III-845L 1~30
Infrared Laser Module at 845nm PGL-F-845 1~50
Fiber Coupled Laser System at 845nm MDL-845(FC) 1~25
FC-845 1~25
845nm Infrared Laser 1~50mW

845nm Infrared Laser 1~50mW