532nm 5W Solid State Laser CW Multimode Green High Output Laser

Price: $7,303.00


532nm 5W Solid State Laser CW Multimode Green High Output Laser

This laser uses high quality imported laser diode pump source, high quality nonlinear crystal and collimating lens set, and is equipped with high performance temperature control drive power supply, adopting active temperature control.

1.High efficiency and stability
2.Good beam quality
3.Low noise
4.Strong anti-interference
5.Good consistency
6.Compact structure, miniaturization
7.Long life

1.Medical Science
2.Laser demonstration
3.Isotope separation
4.Ultra-high density optical storage
5.Precision materials processing
7.Spectral analysis


Product Name 532nm 5000mw Solid State Laser
Output Wavelength 532nm
Output Power 5000mW
Spatial mode Near TEM00
Longitudinal mode Multi
Operating mode CW
Spectral linewidth 0.1nm
Polarization Linear vertical
Polarization ratio >100:1
Beam quality M2<1.8
Beam divergence full angle 1.8mrad
Beam diameter at aperture 3mm
Beam ellipticity 1±0.1
Beam pointing stability 0.03mrad
Power stability ±5% over 8 hrs rms
Optical axis height 78mm
Size of laser head L×W×H=1805×150×125mm
Size of power supply L×W×H=238×146×102mm
Cabel-laser head 1.0, 1.5m
Weight of laser head 2.6kg
Weight of power supply 2.3kg
TTL modulation 0V-no lasing, 5V-lasing
Frequency of TTL 1kHz-30kHz
Efficiency of TTL 40%-60%
Analogue modulation 0-5V
Frequency of analogue 1kHz-10kHz
Cooling mode TEC
Operating votage 90-260VAC
Maximum power consumption 50W
Warm-up time 15 mintues
Operating temperature 0-35℃
Storage temperature -20-60℃(<90% relative humidity, non-condensing)
Working life About 10,000 hours
Warranty 1 Year


1 x 532nm 5000mw laser
1 x Laser Power Supply

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