Diode Pumped Q-switched Laser Air Cooling 1319nm

Price: $33,120.00


Diode Pumped Q-switched Laser Air Cooling at 1319nm, compact design and easy to integrate, and it's cooled by air, no water.


Wavelength 1319nm
Single pulse energy 50mJ-200mJ
Pulse Width <10ns
Rep. rate (Hz) 1~5 Hz
Energy stability 2%
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad) ~1.0
Cooling Method Air
Size 500x300x120 mm (Lx W x H)


  • Industrial design, good reliability, no adjustment;
  • Second harmonic, third harmonic, fourth harmonic, fifth harmonic optional;
  • Computer operations can also be controlled manually control box;


  1. PIV fluid measurement
  2. LIBS measurements
  3. Lidar
  4. Laser Remote Sensing
  5. Plasma Measurement
  6. Photodetection
  7. Laser Cleaning
  8. Laser fluorescence excitation
  9. Molecular dynamic analysis
  10. system integration

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