Fiber Raman Amplifier 1550nm Wide Operating Wavelength Range Raman Amplifier

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Fiber Raman Amplifier 1550nm Wide Operating Wavelength Range Raman Amplifier

The fiber Raman amplifier is dedicated to optical signal amplification in long-distance optical transmission systems and dense wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission systems. Gain flattening and low noise amplification can be achieved for optical signals in the C-band or C+L band. The status parameters and configuration information of the module can be monitored in real time by the host computer software, and the factory parameters can be preset according to customer requirements.

1. Miniaturized module design
2. Wide operating wavelength range
3. High gain, flat gain
4. Low noise figure, low power consumption

1. Long-distance optical communication network
2. Optical fiber sensing
3. Fiber Laser


Product Name Fiber Raman Amplifier
Parameter Unit Min Typical Value Max Note
Wavelength Range(Signal Wavelength) nm 1528 1550 1565 C-band, C+L band optional: 1528~1604
Raman Gain dB 10 15 22  
Gain Flatness dB     1  
Pump Power mW   400    
Polarization Dependent Gain dB     0.3  
Polarization Mode Dispersion ps     0.5  
Input/output Isolation dB 40      
Noise Figure dB     0  
Operating Temperature °C -20   +65  
Operating Humidity Range %     70  
Tail Connector Type   FC/APC Customizable
Input and Output Pigtail Type   Single Mode Fiber SMF-28e  
Power Supply   DC 5V or AC 220V Optional power adapter
Size mm

120(W) ×160(D) ×55(H) 


Communication Interface   DB9 Female(RS232)  
Operating Mode  

ACC: constant pump current

APC: constant output power

With input and output power monitoring


Fiber Raman Amplifier

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