ASE Broadband Light Source 1030nm~1080nm 10dB Flatness 10mW~20mW power

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ASE Broadband Light Source 1030nm~1080nm  10dB Flatness 10mW~20mW power


The broadband light source is based on Ytterbium-doped fiber and high-performance pump laser. ASE spectrum covers 1060nm band (1030 ~ 1080nm) with high output power and good flatness. Can be used for fiber optic device testing, FBG grating writing system.

1. Power stability
2. The spectrum is flat.
3. Remote monitoring.

Parameter Unit Typical value Remarks
Working wavelength nm 1030~1080 50nm@10dB
Output Power mW 10mW~20mW choose
Spectral flatness dB 10  
Output isolation dB 45  
Short-term stability (15 minutes) dB ≤ ±0.02  
Long-term stability (8 hours) dB ≤ ±0.05  
Polarization degree DOP <5%  
Fiber type   Corning SMF-28  
Fiber Optic Output Type   FC/APC Accept custom
Operating temperature °C -20°C ~ 65°C  
Storage temperature °C -40°C ~ 85°C  
Model   Model#01 Standard type
Model#02 LCD Professional type


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C-Band  ase broadband light source  
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