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1550nm 37dBm 5W SM Fiber Laser Source Benchtop Test Video

The one shown in our laboratory today is a 1550nm infrared single-mode fiber coupled laser. This is a desktop laser, and the output power can be adjusted directly through the buttons on the panel. The output power is adjustable with an adjustment range of 0.5~5W. The adjustment accuracy is 1mW. The Line-width here is 3.7 MHz, and the line width of 1MHz can be customized. 1550nm is infrared invisible light, and the light spot can be observed with an infrared sensor plate. What is configured here is single-mode fiber, and polarization-maintaining fiber can be customized.

The laser can also be controlled through software, and the communication interface is RS232. The following is the interface for the control software.

These are laser test reports, including the main parameters of the laser, spectrum diagram, power stability test, and line width test results.

This laser adopts DFB type laser chip, and cooperates with high-power gain optical path module to realize single-mode fiber output of single-wavelength high-power laser. The professionally designed drive and temperature control circuit control ensures the safe and stable operation of the laser, and the spectrum and power remain stable for a long time. The modular package has a compact structure, which is convenient for user system integration and is more suitable for engineering applications.

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