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375nm 2W UV Fiber Laser Operation Video

This is a 375nm 2W UV fiber-coupled laser, and the fiber is pluggable. The power can be adjusted through the knob. When the maximum power is adjusted to 2W, the visibility of the light spot is not high. It supports continuous operation and modulation mode operation.

The 375nm 2W fiber laser is an advanced light source device with high precision and high power characteristics. Its core lies in its special wavelength 375nm and output power 2W, which make it widely applicable in multiple fields.
In addition, the structural characteristics of fiber lasers give them excellent stability and reliability. As a laser transmission medium, optical fiber can effectively constrain and transmit laser beams and reduce energy loss. At the same time, the design of fiber lasers also makes them compact and easy to integrate into various devices or systems, thereby improving application flexibility and convenience.
The 375nm 2W fiber laser provides a powerful and flexible light source solution for scientific research, industrial manufacturing, biomedicine and other fields with its unique wavelength and power characteristics, as well as the structural advantages of fiber lasers.
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