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2IN1 Lab LED Light Source Deuterium & Halogen Lamp

This is the two-in-one light source DH2000 for the deuterium tungsten halogen lamp. Ultraviolet to near-infrared high-quality long-life scientific research wide-band light source. It is recommended to use anti-ultraviolet silica fiber when connecting to optical fiber. The deuterium lamp and the tungsten halogen lamp can be turned on separately or at the same time. After the deuterium lamp is warmed up for 30 minutes, it works stably, and the halogen lamp is warmed up for 20 minutes. Let’s check it now.

Deuterium lamp emits a continuous spectral range from 190-400nm in ultraviolet band to 400-800nm in visible light, making it a high-precision light source for analytical and measuring instruments, such as liquid chromatograph.

The light-emitting principle of tungsten halogen bulb is based on the principle of object heating and radiation. Tungsten halogen bulb is to conduct enough current to the filament, which will emit light when the filament is heated to incandescent state. The wavelength range of tungsten halogen bulb is usually 360nm-2000nm. The service life of tungsten halogen bulb is related to its working temperature. The higher the color temperature, the shorter the life.

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