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ASE Optic Fiber Laser Source Benchtop

The fiber ASE broadband light source is an incoherent light source, which is the spontaneous radiation generated by the semiconductor laser pumping erbium-doped silica fiber, and the spectral flattening technology is introduced to achieve a broadband flat spectrum. The wavelength of the light source covers the C-band, and the spectral flatness is better than 2dB. It is output through single-mode fiber or polarization-maintaining fiber, which is suitable for applications such as fiber sensing.

This is a ASE broadband light source with single-mode fiber. The fiber plugging and unplugging can easily damage the interface. The fiber here is fixed and cannot pluggable. The power can be adjusted by the button, and the adjustment accuracy is 1mW. This is the broadband light source of C-Band, and the broadband light source of L-band can also be customized.

In addition, the laser of C-Band is infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye. Here is the use of ir photosensitive film to observe the light spot.

The test data report and spectrogram of ASE broadband light source.

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