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12W High Power Semiconductor Laser 637nm Red Laser Beam

This is 637nm 12W Red Laser source. The laser head has a heat sink at the bottom. There is a small power interface on the side of the data cable close to the laser head for the cooling fan. And the radiator is made of aluminium and has 2 cooling fans installed. The control button for 3 working modes of CW/TTL/Analog are on the back of the power supply. External signal Mod Input, no need to connect in CW working mode. Let’s check it now.

To adjust the working current, turn the ‘Adjustor’ knob clockwise,when the current exceeds the minimum working current,the Laser indicator turns green, and there is laser output at this time. ‘Adjustor’ rotates clockwise to the end, which is the max working current and the maximum output power of the laser. In addition, the red STOP button is used for emergency stop, and it is not needed under normal circumstances.

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