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520nm Green Laser Polarization Maintaining Fiber Output

It is a 520nm Green PM Fiber laser source. This laser adopts semiconductor laser chip, and the professionally designed drive and temperature control circuit temperature control ensures the safe operation of the laser, stable output power and spectrum, and excellent spot quality (TEM00 mode). Let’s check it now.

The laser is controlled by the buttons on the panel, and software control functions can also be customized. If the software control function is added, the RS232 interface here is used to link the computer.

PM fiber is coupled here, and single-mode fiber can also be customized. The maximum power here is 40mW, which refers to the output power of the fiber port. The laser output power can be adjusted by buttons. 10~100% output power adjustable. And the minimum adjustment accuracy of power is 0.1mW.

The laser in the video is a desktop laser, and a modular type can also be customized.

The product parameter table.

Spectrogram and power stability test report.


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