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792nm 20W Fiber Laser: Leading the New Trend of Laser Technology

Today our laboratory tested a 792nm 20W fiber coupled laser. The fiber is pluggable. Be sure to install the fiber when the laser is turned off. Do not plug or unplug optical fiber while it is powered on. The fiber core diameter, length and interface can be customized. 792nm is a near-infrared laser, so the light spot does not look very dazzling. Let’s check it now.

With the rapid development of science and technology, fiber lasers, as an efficient and stable light source, have been widely used in various fields. Among them, the 792nm 20W fiber laser has become an important tool in many fields such as scientific research, industry and medical treatment with its unique wavelength and power characteristics.

The working principle of 792nm 20W fiber laser is mainly based on the role of rare earth element doped optical fiber and pump light. Under the action of pump light, high power density is formed inside the optical fiber, resulting in the inversion of the number of particles in the energy level of the laser working material. Through the appropriate feedback mechanism, laser vibration output is formed, thereby obtaining a stable 792nm laser beam. This laser has the characteristics of high power, stable wavelength and good beam quality.

With the continuous development of global technology, fiber lasers are more and more widely used in various fields. 792nm 20W fiber laser has attracted widespread attention in the market for its unique technical characteristics and broad application prospects. It is expected that in the next few years, this field will usher in rapid development opportunities and the market scale will continue to expand.

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