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A red laser with wavelength 660nm power 1.5W

A red laser with wavelength 660nm power 1.5W

Laser Quantum introduces the wavelength 660nm and power 1.5W red laser opus 660, providing M2<1.2  fundamental mode beam quality and power stability of better than 1%.Opus 660 uses a tightly built, compact, hermetically sealed package that basically does not require maintenance, allowing users to concentrate more on their own product production and achieve better application performance.Laser Quantum offers a two-year warranty for the product.

In many applications, such as super-resolution microscopy, PIV, cell metrology, or sample processing, the power of the laser source will improve greatly in terms of efficiency, resolution, or speed throughout the operation.The applicable areas of Opus 660 include stimulated emission loss (STED) microscopy, fluorescence imaging, DNA sequencing, ophthalmic therapy, and so on.

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