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ASE Light Source Test Report

CivilLaser offers customizable ASE light sources designed to accommodate many different telecommunications, fiber sensing, fiber optic gyroscope, and test & measurement capabilities in the near- and shortwave infrared C+L band region.

An ASE (Amplified Spontaneous Emission) broadband low coherence light source is an ideal instrument for optical component spectral measurement and system compliance testing in manufacturing and R&D environments.

The new generation of ASE sources have no high frequency ripples, which makes them very useful for sensor interrogation applications.


What is ASE light source?
ASE light source is one type of optical light sources, where the emission is generated by Amplified Spontaneous Emission.
An optical gain medium emits light spontaneously when it is optically/electrically pumped, and if the pumping of the gain medium is strong enough,
the “spontaneous” emission is amplified via the “stimulated” emission – this phenomenon is called Amplified Spontaneous Emission.
ASE light sources generally possess broadband spectrum and low coherence, and have been used in various optical measurement and sensing systems, such as FBG sensing, OCT, fiber optic gyroscopes, gas sensing, measurement of optical components, and so on.

In particular, ASE light sources made by rare-earth-doped optical fiber (RE-doped optical fiber) are widely used due to the following reasons:
(1) ASE is generated in the fiber core, and therefore can be coupled to a single mode fiber with a very low coupling loss,
(2) the core of an optical fiber is usually circular thus the output is inherently unpolarized,
(3) the emission from a RE-doped optical fiber is generally very broad, resulting in a very broadband light source.

Desktop ASE (amplified spontaneous emission) light source is specially designed for production and laboratory experiments. The main part of the light source is Er-doped or Ytterbium-doped fiber with gain medium and high-performance pumped laser. Professional and flexible optical design can meet the needs of experiments and tests in various fields.


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ASE broadband light source — Module type
ASE broadband light source — Desktop type
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