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CivilLaser’s PM Fiber Optic Coupler FC/APC Customizable

The filter-type polarization-maintaining coupler uses interference-type filters to not only split the light beam from the input PM fiber into two output PM fibers, but also combine the light of two PM fibers into one PM fiber. This device can be used to separate high-power linearly polarized light into multiple channels without changing the linear polarization. It can also be used as a power splitter to monitor the signal of the PM fiber system without changing the polarization state of the optical signal. power.

This is a 1550nm 1×2 PM fiber coupler. 1×2, 2×2 polarization maintaining fiber coupler is optional. 1310nm working wavelength is optional. The FC/APC interface is used by default, other interfaces can be customized.

Test Data Sheet for 1550nm 1:2 PM Fiber Coupler.

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