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Red Fiber Coupled Laser Source 660nm 1800mW Diode Laser

This is a 660nm 1800mW fiber laser system. It supports 3 working modes, CW/TTL/Analog. In TTL/Analog modulation mode, an external modulation signal needs to be connected. In addition, the Lock crystal head cannot be pulled out. External signal Mod Input, no need to connect in CW working mode.

The optic fiber can be customized. Here is 1000μm SMA905 interface fiber. 100μm to 1000μm fiber is optional, the coupling efficiency of different fibers will be somewhat different. The larger the core diameter, the higher the coupling efficiency, usually the coupling efficiency is 80~90%.

To adjust the output power by adjusting the working current:
Turn the ‘Adjustor’ knob clockwise, when the current exceeds the minimum working current, the Laser indicator light turns green, and there is laser output at this time. When the ‘Adjustor’ is rotated clockwise to the end, it is the max working current and the max output power of the laser. In addition, the red STOP button is used for emergency stop, and it is not used under normal circumstances.


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