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The nano plasma device converts infrared laser into green laser

The nano plasma device converts infrared laser into green laser

Researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada successfully created green laser light with an insulating silicon nano plasma waveguide through the three harmonic generation.

The three harmonic generation device is excited by a 1550nm laser and is processed on an insulating silicon substrate with 340nm high, 95nm wide and 60NM thick gold layer waveguides leading to green light output at the output end of the 517nm green laser.


Silicon is known with the highest of three order nonlinear coefficient and the highest refractive index of all materials CMOS materials, visible light emission is usually very difficult, because the silicon band gap is not straight and no visible light will be strongly absorbed.

In order to overcome these obstacles, using its internal light – waveguide surface plasma model material coupling and strong local infrared electric field, realize the effective nonlinear optical mixing and short distance [than green in silicon (about 700nm) occurred three times harmonic short length of material absorbed in].

Through the ponderomotive force of silicon – copper interface on the steep gradient field of photoexcited electrons and electron avalanche driven nano plasma field multiplication and impact ionization process can produce visible light broadband waveguide.


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