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33dBm High Power Ytterbium-doped Fiber Amplifier

This is a 33dBm high power YDFA, Ytterbium-doped optical amplifier. Connect computer software through RS232 interface to control YDFA. There are two working modes of ACC and APC that can be set. SM fiber is configured by default, PM fiber can be customized. This is a high-power YDFA with a built-in cooling fan, and the rear is the air inlet of the fan. The fiber optic connector should be protected from dust to prevent the end face of the fiber optic connector from being burnt. Let’s check it  now.

Ytterbium-doped fiber amplifier (YDFA) generates gain by pumping ytterbium-doped fiber with semiconductor laser, which is used to amplify laser signals in the 1030~1100nm band, Hi1060 single-mode fiber output, the output power is continuously adjustable, with high gain and low The advantage of noise. The desktop YDFA is convenient for experimental operation, and the user can adjust the pump current and output power through the buttons on the front panel. A more compact modular YDFA is also available, which is convenient for users’ system integration. Both desktop YDFA and modular YDFA can support PC software control and serial port command control.

This is the interface of the YDFA control software.

Test report for 33dBm YDFA module.

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