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IR Laser System 1047nm 100mW MM Fiber Laser

This is a 1047nm fiber coupled laser. The fiber is pluggable. The default is 200μm FC/PC multimode fiber, and other types of fiber can be customized. Rotate the Adjustor knob on the power supply to adjust the current, the value of the current displayed on the LED, the greater the current, the greater the output laser power. There are 3 working modes of CW/TTL/Analog on the back of the power supply. When TTL or Analog is selected, an external modulation signal needs to be input at the Mod Input (BNC interface). Select CW mode here. Let’s check it now.

Operation instructions:
First unscrew the protective cover on the laser exit hole. This is also the interface for connecting the optical fiber. Turn the red button to ON, this is the power switch. Turn the key to ON, this is the laser switch, turn ON for laser output. The light spot can be seen on the infrared photosensitive plate, and the laser has been outputting infrared laser normally.
Install the fiber. The optical fiber is pluggable, and the FC/PC interface is used here.
Check the effect of the laser output from the fiber end.

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