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450nm 30mW Blue SM Fiber Laser Souce Benchtop

450nm single-mode fiber lasers are widely used in multiple industries. In the field of scientific research, it can be used in spectral analysis, material analysis, bioengineering, photoelectric detection, etc. In the industrial field, it can be used in the mechanical processing industry, wood processing industry, metallurgical industry, stone processing industry, etc. to achieve high-precision engraving and cutting. In addition, it can also be used in medical fields, such as laser beauty, laser treatment, etc.

450nm 30mW single-mode fiber laser plays an important role in the fields of industrial manufacturing and scientific research due to its high precision, rapid processing, good stability and easy operation. With the continuous development of laser technology, it will have wider application prospects.

This is a 450nm 30mW SM Fiber laser Benchtop type. The laser output power is adjustable, the adjustment accuracy is 1mW, and the adjustment range is 10~100%. Adjust the laser output power by pressing the button. It can also be controlled through software. Let’s check it now.

The test data of this 450nm laser.

Spectrum chart and power stability test chart of 450nm laser.

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