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China’s quantum laser weapons have made major breakthroughs

China’s quantum laser weapons have made major breakthroughs

Recently, some media have disclosed that China has made a major breakthrough in the long rumored quantum laser weapon, which is enough to change the history of human war.

The newly developed quantum laser weapon is not only a global leader in performance, but also a new breakthrough in related fields.

Quantum laser weapons, simply rely on some quantum dot laser weapons, because such weapons needs to be built in the super laser power, so we must in the development of solid state laser on super power has a very high demand, now has Chinese can produce solid laser such advanced super power. Really exciting.

According to relevant data, the laser beam Chinese new quantum laser weapons issued by the high power laser, can achieve 35K joules per square centimeter at a distance of 3000 kilometers on energy density, killing capacity has more than missiles, and even an order of magnitude higher, the most terrible is the quantum laser weapon effective killing distance more than 30000 kilometers, if the future equipment service, that’s a very scary big kill.

In contrast, as the world’s first military power in the United States on laser weapon has been slow progress, the more mature U.S. laser weapons are chemical laser weapon, although there is a good power, but the laser is too heavy, the weight of 50 tons, in the current situation, the Department has a problem basically, if the actual.

It can be said that the current Chinese in the development of laser weapons has reached the world’s most advanced level, and has a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of laser weapons, believe that in the near future, people can see the real quantum laser weapon.

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